Phoenix Fire Safety Group – Fire Safety Legal Requirements for Directors and Senior Managers.[ref.10pf]

The course is designed to give a managerial insight into the Legal Requirements of the main Fire Safety Legislation in the UK, and to assist you as a Director or Senior Mangers to quickly understand what your responsibilities are [much of which can be delegated].
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This course is currently offered FREE to Company Directors or Senior Managers.

Module 1 Overview of the Legislation
Study Unit 1 Course Introduction & Format.
Study Unit 2 Legislation.
Study Unit 3 Enforcement, appeals and penalties
Module 2 The 7 Requirements of the 'Responsible Person/s' in more detail.
Study Unit 1 [1] Undertake a Fire Risk Assessment.
Study Unit 2 [2] Provide a means to detect a fire.
Study Unit 3 [3] Provide a means to warn people that a fire is present.
Study Unit 4 [4] Have and implement appropriate safety drills.
Study Unit 5 [5] Provide employees with fire safety training.
Study Unit 6 [6] Provide an adequate means of escape from fire.
Study Unit 7 [7] Providing a means to fight a fire.