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The courses currently available to you are headlined below.  
As we offer more courses, they will also be available on this page.

Fire Safety School - Legal Requirements in the Workplace [fss.lr]
- There is no charge for this course - This is a Fire Safety 'e-learning' designed to give a managerial insight into the Legal Requirements of the main Fire Safety Legislation in the UK, and to assist you as a Director, Senior Manager or Trade Union Representative to quickly understand what the managerial responsibilities are in your workplace. [much of which can be delegated]. We make no false claims, the material summarised in this course is freely available, in one form or another [to everyone in the UK] via the internet, in fact if you wish to study the subjects in more detail, we have provided you with web links to much of the material in this course under the heading Additional Research Material, [ARM]. This material is Copyright K. A. Parkes 2020 [all rights reserved] Last revision: Sept 2020
Module 1 Overview of the Legislation
Study Unit 1 Introduction & Course Navigation. [fss.lr.m1.u1]
Study Unit 2 Legal Requirements: Who, What & Why. [fss.lr.m1.u2]
Study Unit 3 Legal Requirements: Enforcement, appeals and penalties. [fss.lr.m1.u3]
Module 2 In more detail: The 7 Requirements of the Responsible Person/s
Study Unit 1 Undertake a Fire Risk Assessment. [fss.lr.m2.u1]
Study Unit 2 Provide a means to detect a fire. [fss.lr.m2.u2]
Study Unit 3 Provide a means to warn people that a fire is present. [fss.lr.m2.u3]
Study Unit 4 Have and implement appropriate safety drills. [fss.lr.m2.u4]
Study Unit 5 Providing a means to fight a fire. [fss.lr.m2.u5]
Study Unit 6 Provide an adequate means of escape from fire. [fss.lr.m2.u6]
Study Unit 7 Provide employees with fire safety training. [fss.lr.m2.u7]

Fire Safety School - Fire Awareness [fss.fa]
This Fire Safety 'e-learning' Training Course is specifically designed for all employees within a company who work within the premises. Each module is divided into numerous Study Units, that are shown below in bolded blue text. This is a Level 2 Training Course. To start the course please, select and then left mouse click on Study Unit 1 in Module 1 detailed below.
Module 1 Introductions & Course Navigation
Study Unit 1 Introduction & Course Navigation. [fss.fa.m1.u1]
Module 2 Fire Safety School - Fire Awareness Module 1
Study Unit 1 The Anatomy of Fire. [fss.fa.m2.u1]
Study Unit 2 Classifications of Fire. [fss.fa.m2.u2]
Study Unit 3 Types of Fire Extinguisher. [fss.fa.m2.u3]
Study Unit 4 Matching the extinguisher to the fire [fss.fa.m2.u4]
Study Unit 5 The ways a Fire can Spread [fss.fa.m2.u5]
Study Unit 6 Recognising a Fire Condition. [fss.fa.m2.u6]
Study Unit 7 First Aid Fire-fighting. [fss.fa.m2.u7]

Fire Safety School - Fire Induction [fss.fi]
This is a Fire Safety 'e-learning' Training Course specifically designed for all employees working in a business premises. This course is suitable for all newly employed staff, including any contractors or sub-contractors working on site, to ensure their safety and yours should a fire occur in your place of work. This is a Level 1 Training Course To start the course please, select and then left mouse click on Study Unit 1 in Module 1 detailed below. Enrol 10 employees onto this course and we will forward a PDF copy of a customised  'Emergency Action Plan in the Event of Fire' specifically for your business or premise. Please Note: This course is NOT suitable for premises; carrying a high fire risk, needing unusual evacuation procedures or life risks.  Premises of this nature require a Bespoke Training Package. If your premises are of this type, then please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.
Module 1 Fire Safety Induction Module
Study Unit 1 Introductions & Course Navigation. [fss.fi.m1.u1]
Study Unit 2 Know Your Responsibilities - Employees and Contractors. [fss.fi.m1.u2]
Study Unit 3 The Emergency Evacuation Procedures. [fss.fi.m1.u3]

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