Terms & Conditions

Regarding Training Courses, our terms & conditions are:

  1. By accessing and remaining on our site and/or by purchasing training material or course access you are by implication accepting our terms and conditions.
  2. You should understand that having an account means that some basic data that concerns you (names, email address, and assessment scores) must be processed and stored (including by third parties whom we have authorised for appropriate and limited access, for example our security software and our backup software in order to operate your account).
  3. You can lose your account and access if you behave badly.
  4. You should understand and accept that any fraudulent, corrupt, abusive or offensive behaviour towards any of our staff, delegates or representatives in any context (whether on a website that we host, or in any other virtual or physical setting), or towards any of our computer systems or networks, or any attempts to gain unauthorised access to any part of our website(s), database(s) or other physical or virtual resources, is grounds for immediate and unilateral termination of your account (together with all associated services), without requirement for notice or refund, at our absolute and sole discretion.
  5. All material on our web site and any training material is protected by international copyright and all rights are reserved.